Rosetta – Guitars, Bass and Drums – Tabs and Sheets

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Arkentype – Rosetta – Guitars, Bass and Drums – Tabulature and Sheet Music

Note for note transcript of Øystein’s guitar parts. See what every guitar part does.

Note for note transcript of Kjetil’s bass part.

Note for note transcript by Simen’s drum part on Rosetta, perfect if you want to get a good overview of the parts, time signatures, and rhythmical construction.

Transcribed by Simen Sandnes, Kjetil Hallaråker and Øystein Wangen.

Includes a Guitar Pro-file and PDF-files.

We highly recommend using Guitar Pro. With it, you can listen to all the parts, isolate tracks, and change the tempos to really be able to nail the rhythms and melodies. Guitar Pro is a great reference and learning tool. Click here to check it out.