I hear a knock on my door
And there you stand, so innocent
Like we had ever met before
How I wish that was the truth

An undeniable connection that couldn’t be explained
Like it was destined by creation
And unreliable selection that intertwined our fates
And made us such a fatal relation

What could be if we took the time to rethink our choices
Would time stand still when you’re not here
I’m longing for the words to have a meaning
‘Cause this is leading me nowhere

Who are you, and what are you trying to tell me
Is this all in my head
What the fuck happened to me
And how the fuck did I get here

I see your face melt in the flames
Maybe I’m the one who is insane
You keep saying the same three words
I am Erica

Arkentype Merchandise



Release date: Nov 13. 2015

With a raw, true and honest sound, Arkentype is a breath of fresh air in a rather stagnant scene of modernized metal. With great passion expressed through heavy and technical rhythmic patterns, blended with beautiful melodic and symphonic passages, Arkentype will leave you battered on the floor wondering what knocked your teeth out.

Line up:

Kevin Augestad (Vocals)
Kjetil Hallaråker (Bass)
Simen Meland Handeland (Guitar)
Simen Sandnes (Drums)