They’ve been treating me like an ignorant child
They close my eyes every time there’s something I’m not supposed to see

They hit me when I don’t follow orders
They put me in a cage

Everything they say to you is a lie
can you believe they framed you for the murder of Erica?
A murder that never existed in the first place?
hahahaha, they think they outsmarted me, but guess what
They couldn’t be more wrong
Erica died in a fire long ago with my parents
Calling them parents doesn’t even mean they did a terribly good job though
Erica is the one that saved me
Why would I ever hurt her

Liars! Traitors!

I’ve had my house burnt to ashes and dirt twice
And the comfort I get is a mental institution filled with lies
All I want is the truth alone

Arkentype Merchandise



Release date: Nov 13. 2015

With a raw, true and honest sound, Arkentype is a breath of fresh air in a rather stagnant scene of modernized metal. With great passion expressed through heavy and technical rhythmic patterns, blended with beautiful melodic and symphonic passages, Arkentype will leave you battered on the floor wondering what knocked your teeth out.

Line up:

Kevin Augestad (Vocals)
Kjetil Hallaråker (Bass)
Simen Meland Handeland (Guitar)
Simen Sandnes (Drums)