Soon we will be reunited
Only one moment away
A glimpse of hope you’ll resurrect
And save me from this hell

My spirit is broken, my knees are weak
(I can’t keep fighting death)
I can’t keep fighting death
But you, my dear, my truth, my home
You can save me
Can save me from my agony

Words unspoken
Is brought to life
My faith is broken
There’s nowhere left to hide

How am I supposed to this without you?
What have I done to deserve this, Erica?

Arkentype Merchandise



Release date: Nov 13. 2015

With a raw, true and honest sound, Arkentype is a breath of fresh air in a rather stagnant scene of modernized metal. With great passion expressed through heavy and technical rhythmic patterns, blended with beautiful melodic and symphonic passages, Arkentype will leave you battered on the floor wondering what knocked your teeth out.

Line up:

Kevin Augestad (Vocals)
Kjetil Hallaråker (Bass)
Simen Meland Handeland (Guitar)
Simen Sandnes (Drums)